After purchasing your home and arranging all of your furniture, the next step is to take a look at the front of your home.

The front of the home landscape is the first impression that people will have of you and your home when they come for a visit, or even if they are simply driving by.

It can be a little overwhelming to think of all of the various fronts of the home landscape ideas, as there are many options.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are trying to give your home curb appeal.

There aren’t any right or wrong way when it comes to landscape design, but there are some general guidelines to follow in order to maximize appeal.

Let’s start with the things that are ideal when it comes to front yard landscape:

1. Look to the future

Caring for plants can be time-consuming. Consider low maintenance plants, especially if you aren’t able to provide daily care.

Size is also important! The plants you purchase today could double in size the following week. Research the growth patterns of plants that you are considering.

2. Plan according to maintenance.

If you have a lot of time to water and trim your plants, feel free to branch out and truly give your front yard a pop of color. If you don’t have time set aside for trimming and watering, choose plants that require less water and little to no pruning.

3. Don’t let weeds invade your space.

If you are trying to improve the appearance of your yard, weeds just get in the way. They are invasive and reduce the aesthetic appearance of the yard itself. Weed killer may become your best friend! It will save you time and trouble in the long run.

4. Consider hiring a professional.

If you aren’t too sure of what will work best in your area or or maximum curb appeal, consider contacting a professional. They will come up with a plan for your land, and see it through from beginning to end. It may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but you will same time and effort along the way. That means more time to enjoy your new home! Click here for more details about what a professional can do for your home landscaping project.

There are also a few things to avoid when trying to improve the front landscape of your home:

5. Keep the lawn under control.

Green lawns are ideal for children to play and dogs roaming around, but those looking for true curb appeal should think of more gardening areas and shrubbery. Garden beds look beautiful, and shrubs last quite awhile.

6. Don’t get invasive plants.

Some plants that are beautiful are also quite invasive and may take over more than the anticipated area. Ask a professional what plants do best in the area you live in, and which will do best for the area that you have available.

7. Don’t plant trees close together.

While they are small now and it may look bare, they will grow! Additionally, if you plant them too close to your dwelling, you can anticipate costly roof repairs in the future. Twenty to fifty feet from the home is ideal for planting trees, depending on the type of tree that you are considering.

8. Don’t think you are done after the initial design.

After coming up with the design and planting all of your new plants, it is important to remember that it is a commitment. You will need to trim bushes, pull weeds, and perform general maintenance to maintain the look of your front yard. If you let your front yard becomes overgrown, it will take away from the curb appeal of the home.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to have an appealing yard in front of your home. Not only does it create a sense of pride for the homeowner, it also adds to the value of the home when the homeowner is ready to branch out into a new home. Visitors and potential buyers want to feel welcome, and a gorgeous front yard is very inviting! 

If you have questions regarding landscape design for the front of your house, contact a professional today. By tomorrow, you could be well on your way to maximum curb appeal!

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