When designing the outdoor landscape of your dreams, one area that is usually overlooked until everything else is completed is the landscape lighting. It is an important aspect of your outdoor landscape, so it should take precedence over some of the minuscule details that you may be thinking about. When it comes to lighting, it is better to be a bit minimalist with the design. Naturally, the human eye is drawn to contrast. For this reason, you want to create a landscape with focal points in order to create a breathtaking effect.

Design Landscape Lighting

First, you will need to determine what you want to be a focal point in your landscape design. You don’t want the landscape to light up like an airport runway! You want certain things to stand out and make a statement. Concentrate on the areas you will be using regularly, and light them adequately. Then, focus on certain areas throughout the yard. Perhaps you have a fountain or an archway that you would like to display.

Perspective is key when it comes to your lighting. If one of your focal points can be seen from all sides, you will need to address all sides of the item. One little accent light will not achieve the desired look. Keep this in mind when choosing your items. If you want less lighting installed, choose focal points that do not require lighting on all sides. If you want more light, go for the trees, fountains, and other items that can be seen from all angles!

To create an ambient, inviting outdoor landscape, it isn’t necessary to install a ton of lights. If you choose focal points to highlight, and distinguish your outdoor “living area,” it should be easy to decide what areas you would like to accentuate with lighting. Keeping lights on the spaces that you use most will prove beneficial when you are outside late at night, and the items you choose to highlight will be on display for all to see. The contrast of highlighted areas and the dark areas will make a huge statement when it comes to yard appeal.

Keep your area casual and relaxed. You want to make your space a great area to enjoy after a long day, that you can transform quickly into a party area as desired. When you place your lights in the right area, it won’t be hard to add a few extra accents that say “I’m here for the party!” Creating a comfortable space for yourself, and welcoming space for your guests is the ultimate goal. You want your guests to feel the same sense of comfort that you get to enjoy regularly!

One thing to consider when choosing your lighting is what is called color temperature. You want to make sure that you are using warmer color temperatures to light your outdoor area. Warmer temperature lights will appear similar to the glow of a candle and be soothing for both you and those you choose to have on your property. If you use cooler temperature colors, the lighting will look unnatural, and both you and those around you will feel a bit uneasy in the outdoor environment. A good rule of thumb is to choose bulbs with a temperature of 3000K or below, as the amber glow of these lights is what you will want to see. Of course, you may still want some LED lights on the property to highlight stairs, fences, and other areas. This is okay, and almost expected when you are trying to turn up the “party” vibe of the yard. Use them sparingly in the right areas, and you will achieve a big effect.

A great addition to any outdoor lighting that you choose is to add a dimmer. Dimmers are ideal for setting the mood. You will be able to change the feeling of the area flawlessly- if all of your lights are on the same circuit, you can even dim them at the same time! Motion and time censors are also things to consider for your landscape lighting.

The landscape lighting that you choose really sets the tone for your outdoor area. Take the time to plan your lighting properly, so you will be able to enjoy your outdoor area for many years to come. If done properly the first time, you won’t need many things to take care of in the future, and you will be outside enjoying your space a lot more!

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