There are many things to consider when trying to landscape design the backyard.

It isn’t simply buying a plant or two and pruning the bushes – a lot more goes into it! Creating a beautiful landscape design for the backyard, that will last, takes a lot of planning.

Below, you will find some helpful things to think about when planning the appearance of your backyard.

  1. Consider your location. Is there sun, partial shade, complete shade, or complete sun? Certain plants require a specific microclimate in order to survive, so it is important to plan on buying plants that will thrive in your backyard. The best landscape design will direct water away from the foundation of your home; what does the topography of your backyard look like and consist of?
  2. A theme will keep you on track. It will guide your plant and design selections and help to bring all of your ideas together cohesively. If you are lost when it comes to a theme, look at your home. What type of vibe does the actual house give off? Would a geometric theme, or complex garden idea be best? You can pick specific colors and patterns that appeal to you and architectural ideas that will draw you to the backyard after a long day.
  3. Think about how the backyard is going to be used. Are you going to be entertaining a lot of guests, or providing an area for children to play? You can create different areas of your yard to appeal to all the uses you will have for it, and use your theme to smoothly transition between them. 
  4. Maintenance is something to consider. If you don’t have a lot of time to perform maintenance, it is important to choose plants and foliage that require the least amount of attention. Some plants need to be pruned and watered daily, while others seem to take care of themselves for the most part. Do your research and pick the right plants or the right maintenance company to keep your choices alive and beautiful!
  5. Make your plants work for you. Some plants provide fruit, vegetables, appealing scents, and shade! Picking the right plants for the right areas is imperative. It is even better when the plants you buy begin to produce fruits and vegetables that you will no longer need to add to your grocery list!
  6. Consider how you want your backyard landscape to look from the top to the bottom. Do you want specific archways and trees above you? Looking ahead of you, how do you envision your plants to be spaced? Give a lot of thought to how big the plants you have chosen will grow to be, and how you would like to distance each one. Staggering plants can give it a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. At the ground level, you need to think about walkways and smaller plants that will help make the landscape flow together.
  7. Little details matter. All plants, garden decorations, and walkways have individual details and provide the landscape with certain colors and textures. Choosing colors and items that flow together helps to make a captivating landscape design that everyone can enjoy.
  8. The future is important. Make your design a design that will last for many years to come. Choose plants that will sprout annually and strong materials for your walkways. This mill mitigates the need to shop for plants every year and redo the backyard. It will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your backyard!

When choosing to landscape design the backyard, it is truly a process! But, when it is done right and maintained correctly, it is a great addition to the home. Guests, pets, and children will all feel at home as they congregate in your man-made oasis!

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