Landscape design is an essential part of designing a top-notch resort. Resorts are synonymous with luxury, relaxation, and convenience. A well-designed landscape will help create these important elements.

There are three components that we will be focusing on in this article. The golf course, the pool, and the roads/pathways.

Golf Course

A well-designed and maintained golf course promotes a relaxing and enjoyable experience, while secluded and private golfing provides an opportunity to unwind from the demands of work and family life. The management of many upscale resorts and golf courses requires additional measures to maintain the integrity and beauty of the landscape design. This can involve anything from periodic maintenance to a complete landscape redesign.


One of the main focal points of any resort or hotel landscape design should be the pool. Pool landscaping should incorporate several factors, such as the size, shape, type and style of the pool, the lighting of the pool, landscaping around the pool, the pool deck area, and the overall layout of the pool area. An important factor of pool landscaping is that it should be designed in a way so that the pool is not obstructed. This can be done through different means, such as placing landscaping rocks or creating small steps where a tree might fall over, placement of large planters, or even planting flowers. Most of this should be done either way! But ultimately, up to you.

Roads and Pathways

The third important aspect to consider is the natural layout of the property. This includes the topography, the layout of roads and pathways, as well as any bodies of water or land surrounding the resort. A professional landscape design makes the journey and destination clear. This part is very important, make sure to spend significant time planning out the focal points of your design. And make sure the whole feel is pleasant and not time consuming.

Landscape Design is Essential

Landscape design is an integral part of every resort’s image and success.

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