landscaping the front of your home

The design and asthetic of your home is essential. Inside as well as outside. When you are considering to landscape the front of your home, you need to know which landscaping designs suit you best. You also need to know which architectural home type you have. For example, if you have a modern home that is full of modern features you may want to incorporate retro landscaping ideas. If you have a home that is antique or midcentury modern, you can still make it unique by incorporating modern landscaping features.

Here in this article we will detail some fresh new ideas to landscape the front of your home like a pro! You can also use these tips when designing the rest of your property.

First Steps to Landscape the Front of Your Home

First, map out the area that you need to cover. Create a detailed plan that includes each area starting from the curb appeal, to the fenceline, to the lawn, pathways, walkways, and even consider the driveway. Every detail and location must be in your plan. Think of where the shrubs will be, how much greenery will you put near the fenceline or next to your home? What type of fence should I have? Or should I use brick? Will you add flowerbeds along the driveway or beside the walkway? What will be placed by the front door? What will my final landscaping design convey about my home?

There are so many questions to answer! Make sure to draw out your landscaping plans in detail and have fun in the process. Nothing is perfect, you can always erase and start again.

Greenery, Shrubs, and Flowers

Once you have your plan in place, you are on your way. The next step is to choose specific types of greenery, shrubs, and flowers. Consider the following suggestions.

First, consider planting evergreen shrubs. They are able to survive the winter and have a pleasing aesthetic. Evergreen shrubs like the California poppy, Japanese maple, and California blueberry are able to survive harsh winter conditions with its needles remaining green even though the plant is hibernating. These evergreen shrubs also have the advantage of having a long lifespan. On the other hand, if you do not like the smell of the evergreen shrubs and would like to keep the front yard clean, you can choose to place flowerbeds in their stead.

Landscaping your front yard with flowerbeds can enhance the landscape and make your home more eye-catching. Some flowerbeds can be placed right on the grass line that borders the front yard. If you wish, you can line the flowerbeds with grass or other types of low placed greenery. This will create an illusion of an open space, even though the flowerbeds are placed in the middle of the front yard.

Another idea to consider is placing flowerbeds at the corners of your lawn. It will create the illusion of a larger space and will give the impression that the front yard is a comfortable gateway into your home. Of course, there are several landscaping ideas that you can implement in your front yard. Flowerbeds because of their beauty and pleasant smell can make a big difference in enhancing your landscape and overall ambiance. When landscaping the front of your home, remember to place plants in a way that they all complement each other and are not clashing or overwhelming the other shrubs or greenery.

landscape the front of your home

Highlight the Flow of Your Home’s Front Yard Landscape

A pro tip for designing your front yard’s landscape is to highlight the natural flow of things. The flow from curb to fenceline to front door is an absolute must in order to create an inviting space. You have to take into account that when people come to your house they will look for an entryway, and they may end up walking through your grassy area. If you have trees on your front lawn, you should place some of your flowerbeds along the tree border or close to it. If you are going to plant new trees, do so strategically to not overwhelm the surrounding greenery or flowers.

Continue to consider the path to the front door, if you have a gate that leads to your home you should place a flowerbed at an appropriate distance from the entrance to ensure that visitors can easily walk through your front yard. If you have a patio that leads to your front door, you could place a bench or a porch swing in front so that people can sit and rest (this is a very nice homey touch to add). Highlighting the flow of your landscaping is particularly important if you live in a neighborhood where there are several architectural home types and you want your yard to stand out.

Next, consider the fence that borders your front yard. You should make sure that there is an attractive fence or even a short brick wall around the front. In addition to providing an attractive feature to your property, fences are integral to maintaining privacy. Fences are a key feature to any front yard landscaping design. Place a flowerbed and a shrub or two at an appropriate distance from the initial entrance and along the border of the grass line. You can add more plants or flowers along the fence’s border. This adds a little aesthetic value to your front yard landscape without competing with the charm of your fence. If you want to make your home look even more high-end, you can place statues, sculptures or other art pieces near the fence, throughout the grassy area, and even along your walkway.

All of this is done to make the front of your home look like one whole continuous unit. The goal is to create a natural flow as you move about the front yard. Strategically choose between trees, shrubs, other greenery, plants, and flowerbeds. It all depends on what your home landscaping goals are! I cannot add enough emphasis, maintaining the flow of your front yard is very important.

Final Tips for Your Home Landscaping

And finally, remember to take great care in keeping the entrance, statues and fence clean at all times to level up that pristine visual appeal. Trust us, your neighbors will be envious of your front yard and your eye for landscape design.

Questions? Want some help? Give us a call for more landscaping tips and tricks! We are Protek America, Florida’s most trusted landscape designers. We specialize in boosting the curb appeal of your home, no matter your budget. Call us at 888.561.7378 or email us here.

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